Off the Grid – and back again.

Where the heck have I been? It’s been two months and not a word from me (aka,  the amazing, uplifting, metaphysical spiritual romance writer, Ms. Tricia Linden).

I’ve been off the grid – deeply distracted by a major life changing event, moving from my condo of twelve years into a wonderful little house in the valley.  To say life has been busy, chaotic and grandly challenging would be putting it mildly. Here’s a brief bullet point run down on my recent activities:

  • In May, after getting new granite counter tops in my kitchen, I put my condo on the market and one week later got an offer for over the asking price. Yes, I accepted and sold the condo.
  • In June I attended my Mother’s Family Reunion where I was able to catch up with over 80 of my dearest and closest relatives. Yes, we have a really big family. Mom has seven brothers and seven sisters. That’s 15 kids by one man, but thankfully he spread the baby birthing thing over two wives.  Still, all one big “happy” family from Ray Statman (deceased, but still remembered) including his kids (my mom), lots of grand kids, (like me and my cousins) some great-grand kids (like my children) and even some great-great-grand kids, (none from my little branch of the big ole family tree).
  • In July I went to Georgia, North Carolina and Georgia with my bestie writing buddy, Sherry Ewing. After flying into Atlanta we went on a road trip to Ashville, North Carolina to see the Biltmore Estate, (a long time bucket list item) before heading back to  Atlanta for the annual RWA Conference (Romance Writers Of America). What a great trip and a fab time connecting with other fabulous romance writers. Always an informative, fun, and alcohol fueled  great networking event.  (Note: Still on the grid.)
  • During July, after much house hunting, I also found a new home to buy. A beautiful, cute three bedroom single story house in a beautiful valley surrounded by a beautiful garden full of roses and a large open ridge line behind the home with nothing but trees and wide open spaces. My dream home for the rest of my life (or until my kids send me to a “retirement” home or fit me for a little pine box, if you know what I mean).
  • In August (August 3rd to be exact) I moved out of my condo (finally) and moved into temporary quarters in a vacant house next to my boyfriends house. The whole vacant house thing is a very detailed and long story, best saved for another post. Note: at this time I moved off the grid. No internet!!  Reduced to using my iPhone to read emails.
  • While in temporary housing, the new house got new hardwood floors installed, popcorn ceilings removed and some plumbing work done. All good stuff.
  • On September 1st Boyfriend and I spent the first night in our new home. Now we’re talking. Life is good, well it’s always been good, but it just got a bit better. Also messier, as we are surrounded by boxes to unpack and have a hard time finding clothes to wear to work each day. Remember the chaotic and challenging thing I mention above.

So now I’m back on the grid, internet up and running, although at slower speeds. We don’t get the fastest service out here in our little valley, but I’m able to stay connected. After the adventures of the last few months I have lots of lost writing time to make up for and lots of stories to tell. I’m nearly finished and ready to publish a new and exciting novel. Something totally different from my time-travel/reincarnation trilogy with the Ellers Family. This new one, Dreaming In Moonlight, takes place in central Europe in the late 1700’s and includes a wizard, his great-granddaughter and an immortal man. All good stuff.

Stay tuned and Enjoy Always, T

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