In Honor of H, one Hard working letter.


Hooray for the letter H. It brings us Heroes, Heroines and Heartthrobs. When it comes to romance, the letter H can lead a Harrowing life. It holds the Heart of romance as well as the Heartache.

H has Handsome Hard bodies, as in solid, firm and strong, that Handily Handle any Hardship life throws at them. It’s not unusual for the Hero or Heroine to be Headstrong and have amazing Hair, usually long, thick, and flowing with waves and curves that Vadale Sasson would admire. And if this hair belongs to a woman, she may have Hairpins that have a way of slip-sliding away at all the right moments.

The letter H can be Happy to have a Holiday at Home in a Hideaway Hamlet or Hopping off to attend a Happening party at a Hip  Hollywood Highrise apartment. Whether it’s Heavenly Harlots or Hungry Hunks, the letter H is always ready to take on the Herculean task of winning the Heroines’ Heart.

I’ve even heard that Handcuffs and Harnesses have been known to make a Hasty appearance in some romance novels. Hopefully we’re not using Hardware that will Hurt or cause Hysteria in the Harem. I have yet to employee such devices, but who knows when they might come in Handy.

Yes, the H is a Hardworking letter in the world of Happily Ever After. Its often Humorous, and sometimes Harpy, but in the end always, Helpful.

Enjoy always, T

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