Away Over-Yonder, excerpt.

It’s a warm summer day and I’m in the mood for some good clean S.E.X., Seriously Exciting eXcerpts. Hope you’re in the mood too!

The following is a bit of an introduction from my latest release, Away Over-Yonder. It’s that moment when two people meet and something new and exciting reveals itself. I hope you enjoy…. always. T

S.E.X. from Away Over-Yonder:

She reached the shadow of the wide double doors at the entrance of the stables and stopped to observe her unexpected visitor, standing one step away from the bright light of the mid-day sun. The rider had already dismounted from his bike and was removing his helmet. It was a sleek black orb with a tinted face plate that when worn would obscure his features.

From the shadow of the doorway she watched as he set the helmet on the seat of his bike and ran his fingers through his dark auburn hair, releasing his disheveled curls from the dreaded curse of helmet-hair. His profile revealed a strong, straight nose, bold cheek bones, and a well formed jaw.

Bree watched a moment longer as the man unzipped his black leather jacket and tucked his shirt into his faded black jeans. The tight fit of his dark tee-shirt revealed the type of rock hard muscles that came from long hours of hard work. He was one nice-looking man.

After she finished checking out the man, she checked out his bike, a sleek black and gray Ducati Multistrada. The model looked to be a few years old, but the bike was in mint condition. He obviously took good care of his toys. It was one nice-looking bike.

She judged her visitor to be in his late twenties, maybe six or seven years older than her. When he started to walk toward the front of the ranch house she called out, “Can I help you?” She took a step into the bright sunlight.

He turned with a startled jerk. Squinting, he reached a hand up to shield his eyes from the glare of the sun. “Excuse me. I didn’t see you standing there.”

“Looking for someone?”

“Yeah, Breanna Ellers. Know where I can find her?”

Bree stepped forward. “I’m Breanna Ellers.”

The man fished a card from his back pocket and looked it over, then looked back at her. “You’re Breanna Ellers, the animal trainer?”

“Yeah, that’s me,” she confirmed. She saw that he was holding one of the business cards her cousin Jack had designed for her and insisted on handing out to everyone he met. He also had a habit of leaving them at every pet and feed store in the area. Which meant this guy could be anyone.

He looked skeptical. “It says here you have twelve years of experience.”

“That’s right. I trained my first puppy when I was ten years old.” She moved closer so he wouldn’t have to squint into the sun.

“Professionally?” He raised a doubtful brow. She noted how he gave her the quick once-over.

“You mean did I get paid? Aye, there’s always a reward.” She’d been down this road before. It was always the same until they saw what she could do. “I take it you’re in need of a trainer?”

He took a few steps toward her, stopping with the bike still between them. “I’ve got some horses that are giving me trouble. Frank McGregor said you could help.”

Her face relaxed into an easy grin. “You know Franklin?”

“Yeah. He gave me your card, but…” He flipped the card back and forth in his hand.

“Let me guess. He didn’t tell you my age.”

“Nope, he never mentioned that.” The man gave her his first honest smile.

“That sounds like Franklin.” The elder man was like a grandfather to her, part of a strong network of friends and family she had created to replace the family she had lost back home in Scotland.

Though it was still early spring, the day was unseasonably warm, and the sun was approaching its zenith. She motioned over to the covered patio at the back of the house. “Why don’t we go sit down in the shade? It’s a little hot to be standing out here in the sun. Especially with you all dressed in black.” It was her turn to give him the once over. For a second, he reminded her of a dark warrior, ready to ride into battle, mysterious and romantic. She quickly reined in her overactive imagination, but she couldn’t dismiss the thought. Not completely.

“All right,” he nodded, stepping around his bike.

“Would you like something to drink?”

 “Cold water would be nice.” He met her halfway as they walked toward the table and chairs under the latticed awning.

As they drew closer, she noticed his stunning hazel eyes. Swirls of browns and greens created a kaleidoscope effect, mysteriously drawing her in.

She drew in a quick, sharp breath while her heart pumped iron for a few fast beats. For a brief moment, his eyes reminded her of William Gregory, the boy she had loved back home in Scotland. But William was dead. He had died when he was only twenty summers, fighting to protect her Ma. She blinked hard, shaking her head, willing the image to fade as quickly as it had appeared.

Still dazed, she looked down and noticed the man had reached out his hand. “I’m Alex. Alex Connor,” he said.

“I’m…I’m pleased to meet you, Mr. Connor,” she stammered.

“Just call me Alex,” he said. His beguiling smile washed over her like fresh sweet cream.

“And you can call me Bree.” She shook his hand, fighting back her memories. This man wasn’t William, and she was no longer in Scotland. She needed to relax.

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