Wonderfully Supportive.

On Veterans Day, a day when we stop to remember all the good and noble people who have served the U.S. in the armed forces, I am very thankful for all of us who support each other in our daily endeavors. BTW, I served in the Navy four years active and two years reserve, and am a certifiable vet. Thanks, it was my pleasure.

Today is the Veterans Day holiday observed in the US, and since I work for a bank, I have the day off. I have been using my morning to cruise the internet for fellow bloggers, authors, writers services, cover designs and artists, blogs, etc, you name it. I gave myself this little block of playtime as I usually find there’s way too much stuff to look at in my limited time allotted, and today of course is no different. I could cruise for hours and only see a smidgen of what’s out there. (oh wait, that is exactly what I’ve been doing.) I have a number of blog buddies, but it’s hard to find the time to read all of their wonderful posts. I LEA them all. (LEA = like, enjoy, appreciate)

But, with all that said, what I really want to say is how wonderfully supportive everyone is to each other (more often then not). For the most part, we tend to love life, and life loves us back.

Now, isn’t that Grand and Glorious on a major scale?

God bless us humans, we really have it going on.

Enough said, Enjoy Always.  T

BTW, will be back soon with more ABC’s of Romance. Hope you’ve enjoyed reading them as much as I have writing them. It’s been such fun.


5 thoughts on “Wonderfully Supportive.

  1. So the Navy stint was news to me (if you’d mentioned it, my brain hadn’t retained it). Thanks! 🙂

    Loving life is a state I strive for with varying degrees of success. What I’m doing today to meet it? Clean my house. . . if I love my physical space it helps to love the metaphysical space.

    Love ya!


    1. I love that…. “if I love my physical space it helps me love the metaphysical space”
      I’m still in my PJ’s surfing/cruising the net. No house work for me today. Later I’m going to a talk on – 8 Things You Didn’t Know About Orgasms. Now how fun is that?


  2. Sounds like a nice way to enjoy Veteran’s Day. My husband works for the school district and I stay home and write, so we have this day to enjoy as well!

    Nice to meet you, Tricia!

    ~ Cara


  3. So very nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by. I’m really enjoying your blog, This Little Light. LEA the title also. Hope you’re having a grand and glorious day with your husband. Enjoy always, T


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