Scottish Highland Games, oh my.

This past week end I attended the Scottish Highland Games at the Alameda fairgrounds in Pleasanton with my good friend, Tresa. Besides having the opportunity to see a lot of good looking men in kilts, I wanted to connect with the MacNicol Clan. I drew on the MacNicol clan for inspiration in my books, Return In Time, Somewhere to Belong and the soon to be released third book of the series, Away Over-Yonder. 

Dale Nicoll of Clan MacNicol and Me.
Dale Nicoll of Clan MacNicol and Me.

Of course, in the interest of full disclosure, I think it’s only fair to mention that my characters in the From Time to Time series are all completely fictional. I make stuff up. But that really is me with Dale Nicoll of Clan MacNicol. I had a grand time as he told me all about the clan and their homeland on the Isle of Skye.

Dale Nicoll telling me about Clan MacNicol
Dale W. Nicoll telling me about Clan MacNicol.

While I was visiting the Clan MacNicol booth, we were entertained by the Nicolson pipe and drum band. Sharp looking guys, don’t you agree?

Nicholson pipe and drum band
Nicholson pipe and drum band.

Nicholson big drum

Nicholson clan brings out their big drum.

What a treat.  After hanging with Clan MacNicol for awhile, Tresa and I wandered around the fair grounds and eventually made our way over to the area with the Scottish highland guards. We met some very pleasant, sharp looking warrior, guards. They were very nice to tell us about the weapons used when the Scottish warriors went into battle. And they took the time to pose for some picture taking. Really nice guys.

Scottish highland guards
Might fine Scottish highland guards.

We also met one of the guards, Michael. In my books, one of the brothers of my MacNicol clan is named Michael. Fairly impressive looking.

Scottish Highland Guard.
Scottish Highland Guard.

Michael with his son, Andrew. Like father, like son. Great guys doing a great job defending mighty Scotland. I felt pretty safe too.

Michael, Andrew with Tresa and Me.
Michael, Andrew with Tresa and Me.

A Scottish highland guard with his wife, Kim and daughter, Kaylyn. Very nice people, past and present.

Michael with wife and daughter
Highland Guard with wife and daughter, and Me.

I had a grand time. And now I have a lot of great stories to add to my collection. My only regret is that I have to wait another year before the Scottish games return and I can go back to visit with my new found friends. But I’m already looking forward to next September.

Enjoy now and enjoy always, T

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