Romance by the letter A.

Alluring Amorous A

Remember Sesame Street.  Well…. Today’s romance post is brought to by the letter A.

With romance on my mind, let’s look at a few random romantic words that start with the letter A.

The letter A seems like an obvious choice. After all, it includes such romantic giants as Amorous, Adore and Arouse. What a nice trio.

Amorous, which my little Webster pocket dictionary defines as (1) fond of making love, or (2) full of love. Both sound good to me. And I have to say I’d rather be full of love than full of a lot of other things I can think of, including baked beans. As much as I like bake beans, being full of them is definitely not a good romantic idea.

And of course, any good romantic Adores being Aroused.

Okay, moving right along, there’s always Affair, as in a romantic Affair. Let’s just hope it doesn’t include breaking any marriage vows.

And then there’s Agony. As wonderful as romance is – it does seem to have the ability to cause great Agony as people Agonize over their beloved. Agony, Angst, Agonize. All part of strong, tragic romance.
How about Ambrosia, the food of the gods. If I was out on a hot date, I would think Ambrosia would be a good thing to order, if I could only find a restaurant that has it on the menu. If anyone out there has a good simple recipe for Ambrosia, please tell the Cheesecake Factory, because they make just about everything and I love eating there. Nice and yummy.

Not to be left out of any self-respecting A list is Anatomy – which is the study of the human body, the huMAN body. Yes, one of my favorite classes at romance school.

Also, Anniversaries are usually considered romantic, except when someone forgets. But if you can keep your calendar reminders updated and current – you’re golden. Keep the Anniversaries dates and be sure to serve Ambrosia. Sounds like a good time to me.

And now I will leave you with one more A word – – – Appendage. Let your imagination do the rest.

Love you all. Enjoy always, T

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