Doing my best, as best I can.

I’ve recently sent off my manuscript for Moonlight Dreams to an editor I like and admire. I’m hoping it will be well received. Hell, I’m hoping she loves it so much she wants to pee her pants.

But then, I took another look at it, again, and I’ve found ten (or twenty!) errors. You know, little things like misspelled words, typos and such, and I think Crap, Crap, Crap, why did I do that?

And then I sit back, take a deep breath – to keep for throwing up – and remind myself that what’s done is done. And it all okay. God still loves me, even if no one else does, TYG.

If the editor likes the story enough, she’ll want to work with me. If she doesn’t (like the story) the lack of those ten (or twenty) typos isn’t going to change her mind. At least  I hope not.

I mean, really, if the likeability of my story rests on the absence of any and all typos, I’m toast, or perhaps moldy old Swiss cheese, turning green and full of holes. Woe unto me.

But! If she really likes my story, and can get past my tendency to make a few mistakes, (God bless my human soul) then we’re golden. Every day I get up and try to do my best. Some days are way better than others. Some are like sucking lard through a straw. Some days I shine. And every day is another chance to try and do my best. Not Mark Twain’s best, or Suzanne Brockmann’s, or Monica McCarthy’s, or so&so XXX’s best,  [fill in blank with your favorite and bestest author].  I can only do my best.

And if I love myself and the world around me – the world will love me back. So here’s to loving me and loving you. Cheers and Enjoy always, T

13 thoughts on “Doing my best, as best I can.

  1. Not to worry! If grammar/spelling perfection was required for a book to get published, the last 10 books I read wouldn’t have been printed at all. I am starting to think that those things aren’t all that important to the publishing world.


    1. In a world where we’re all speeding up, more things – like good spelling and grammar – get overlooked. Like that song, I’ve got to slow down, and not move too fast.


  2. I believe reading and writing are bad for your eyes.

    Looking at the same story over and over makes us blind to errors because we’re no longer reading them properly–too close to the story. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Count to 10 and breathe…


    1. Yes, and it’s also not a good idea to send off a ms at 11:45 at night. Oh well, better luck next time. I tell myself to just keep smiling. it makes them wonder what I’ve been doing. 🙂


  3. Good for you to be at the point of getting your manuscript to an editor. You’re only proving that you’re human by leaving in a few mistakes for her to find. 😉

    I’m almost to the point where you are. I’m looking for a good editor for my memoir. I’ve got a few leads and looking for more. Whoever I pick has to be the right fit for me–someone who understands and appreciates humor!

    I wish us both luck (but I have a feeling luck has nothing to do with it)! 🙂


    1. OOOHHHH Lorna, I’m so excited for you. It’s a great accomplishment and I wish you all the best. I think luck and a lot of belief in yourself has a lot to do with it. In the end, I keep reminding myself – it’s all about me doing the best I can. But I’m all in favor of a little (a lot) of luck.


  4. The fact that you wrote and entire book (and your second one no less) is enough to say you’re doing pretty darn good. And why is it we can’t see typos until it’s too late! HA! Blame it on the rascally brain! 😀


  5. Always nice to see a new, and in this case, resplendent face perusing your blog.

    Good work on sending out the manuscript. I’m a few thousand words shy of birthing my second word-child, but still haven’t brought myself around to submitting either of them. You have inspired me. (Not really, but good on you anyway).

    Also, I love your blog. And writing style. Toot on – a few misspelled words are only small speed humps along the path to stardom!


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