Grand Vacation Get-Away.

I’ve been away on vacation and it was grand. I traveled to Southern California to see my family and friends and went to the Romance Writers (RWA) national conference. All of it was grand.

I spent a lot of years living in So Calif, from the time I was in high school to about 13 years ago. Wow, have I really lived in the SF Bay area that long! My how time does fly.

Going back to the LA area was a harsh reminder of the traffic and freeways. I arranged to meet my son at the Orange County fair and it took me nearly an hour to get from Anaheim to the parking lot at the fairgrounds. Crawling would have been faster as all those cars inched along trying to get to the same place at the same time. I finally had to park outside of the fair, it was just too darn crowed.

But once inside with my son and his girl friend I had a grand time. We ate all the bad foods, drank beer, and went on the Ferris wheel, my one BIG ride for the night. We watched some folks getting tossed around on one of the more outlandish rides and I figured that wasn’t for me. Didn’t want to risk losing all that greasy fair food I’d eaten!! Not fun.

I also attended the RWA conference and had another grand time. So many wonderful, talented writers gathered together to discuss their craft and love of the written word. I pitched a book I’ve finished, I call it my fairytale, Moonlight Dreams. I think it went well and I’ll be sending the MS out to an agent and editor. I hope they like it, but honestly, I had such a grand time writing it, I’ve got to believe it will do well.

Life is grand and any time I can get out on the road to travel is destined to be a good time. Friends, family, good food and a beer at the fair. Who could ask for anything more?

Love you all, Enjoy Always, T

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