Return In Time – with me if you will.

I was over at Ariella Moon’s blog and saw –  the most intriguing and brilliantly written classified ad ever!

Safety Not Guaranteed

“WANTED: Someone to go back in time with me. This is not a joke. You’ll get paid when we get back. Must bring your own weapons. Safety not guaranteed. I have only done this once before.”

I have to agree. What fricking great writing. “You’ll get paid when we get back.”  Yeah, really, like how much. What’s the going rate for time-travel companions? Couldn’t that also read; IF we get back?  And what about  the idea that you have to bring your own weapons, but oh, by the way, Safety not guaranteed. If this isn’t a call for a macho, kick-ass, special ops kind of guy, I don’t know what is. Hey, forget the paycheck, baby, I’m here for the adventure. And it’s so reassuring to know the potential employer has done this only once before. Well, at least we know they’re still here to tell the tale and are interested in trying it again.

Okay, so I don’t have a special ops guy to offer up for the job, but allow me to take a moment to introduce my time-traveling friend, Teressa Ellers, an accomplished Relationship Coach.

After finishing her master’s in family counseling, Teressa accepts a primo job as a Relationship Coach at her local university counseling center to help struggling college students maneuver the emotional landscape of romantic relationships. Thankfully, this is before state wide budget cuts forces her out into private practice where the really big bucks are.

Her career path is on track but her personal life has taken a couple of hard hits. Isn’t this always the way? In the past year her father has passed away and she’s dumped her ‘so-called’ boyfriend. He didn’t do family and that was a big ole deal breaker for her.

Now she’s taking a rather whimsical retreat from her life in the hopes of getting away from it all and finding some real adventure on the remote Isle of Skye in Scotland, because Scotland is full of hotties and she’s heard Skye is a magical island full of myth and legends. Did I mention the hot warrior Scottish dudes? Ok, good.

Soon after arriving on Skye she’s swept back to the 13th century by a powerful fairy named Moezell. Yeah, I’m pretty sure any fairy that can sweep a person back in time is pretty darn powerful. Enough said.

This fairy and her half-human/half-fey cousin are in need of a match-maker to secure the happily ever after union between Duncan, the chief of the MacNicol clan, and Janet MacDonald, daughter of his sworn enemy. Ok,  maybe not sworn enemy, but not a good friend either. Let’s just say there’s some ‘bad history’ between them and Teressa has her work cut out for her. Teressa, of course, takes the job. It’s the only way she can be assured of being sent back to her own time, and brother (or sister) let me tell you, this little lady has every intention of going back home. Hot dudes are no replacement for hot showers and toilet paper.

But, wouldn’t you know it, she faces a little kink in her plans. Duncan’s younger brother, Rory, has the hots for Teressa and he’s determined to discover if she’s “a mystery to unravel or a woman to be loved.” (his words, not mine! Okay, maybe they are mine.) He’s smitten with this slightly strange woman and is determined to woo her, believing she is the woman of his dreams. (wet dreams, I’m sure, but it’s all good.)

To learn more, find Return In Time at any of the major on-line booksellers – and tell them Rory sent you. He’s a babe.

Enjoy always, T

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  1. Wanted: Someone to date. I am 63 depending if that last number on my birth date on driver license is really a 9. I love movies and have gone three times in last five years. I also love to travel and went to the mall in January. I live three miles from Miami Beach and when my car starts I love to spend time there. I also have $79 in the credit union and so money is no object. If interested please send message to telegraph office in Aventura, Florida.


    1. I love your opener – Wanted: Someone to date. It’s so honest and genuine. Too funny. I’m sure you in high demand in Aventura, Florida.
      Enjoy always, T


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