Deleted Scenes

You know how movie DVDs sometimes add Deleted Scenes as a bonus feature? Well, I was going through some of my older files and I found this deleted scene from Return In Time. It’s just a little glimpse into my favorite fairy, Moezell.  And I thought it would be nice to share it with you. Hope you enjoy. . .  Always, T

Unseen, Moezell stood there bedazzled, watching Rory’s display of raging grief over the disappearance of Teressa. Such a display of powerful emotion was a wonder to observe. It was impressive, this range of emotions humans were able to experience. To a fairy that could only watch and envy their ability, the depth of Rory’s pain was wondrous. She could readily appreciate his fitful state of mind and she was touched by his magnificent vulnerability.  It was easy to understand why so many of the spirit folk had chosen to incarnate into the human world. The experience was amazing, so far removed from the eternal feeling of well-being existing in their world. Granted, there were many painful experiences to encounter in the physical world, but these humans had the one gift the fairies truly envied, the ability to feel both the pleasure and pain of love for one another.

There was very little she could do to help him through his suffering, but she could offer him comfort and hope. And of the two, hope was the greatest gift she could provide. The rest would be up to the soul of Roderick MacNicol to achieve. Moezell stepped through the veil of the unseen and revealed herself to Rory.

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