Somewhere To Belong.

I’m excited to announce that Somewhere To Belong – now available at all major online booksellers.

While on vacation on the Isle of Skye, Daniel Ellers is swept back to thirteenth century Scotland for one hell of a kick-ass, time-travel adventure. He quickly recognizes the depth of his dilemma when he learns that his fate is controlled by the whim of a particularly meddlesome fairy.  The uncertainty surrounding his future creates a significant kink in his desire to pursue Kayla, the beautiful young woman who found him stranded in the past. Adding to his problems are Kayla’s three big brothers who stand ready, willing, and able to kick butt to protect their innocent sister.

Kayla MacNicol is tired of her family’s smothering ways. The last straw is her mother’s attempt to arrange her betrothal to a man she doesn’t love. She’s ready to break free from her family’s overly protective rule; all she needs is a little encouragement and some well-deserved support. Her initial reaction to Daniel is one of resentment and rejection. She sees him as an outlander, not fit to spend even one night in Scorrbreac keep. But when repeated exposure to his charming seduction sparks her untapped passion she begins to question her harsh assessment.

Kayla begins to wonder if Daniel could possibly be the man of her dreams when Daniel is forced to take control of his destiny and fight for the woman he loves.

Somewhere To Belong is a paranormal time-travel romance that sweeps a modern cowboy back to 13th century Scotland where he must take control of his destiny and fight for the woman he loves.

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  1. This was a great tease for your book and I just purchased the kindle edition for some relaxing summer reading. I think it would be harder to write the synopsis for a novel than the novel itself! HA!


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