In Search of a Good Book.

I think we can all agree that the internet has changed the way we shop. No longer are we required to hop in our cars and cruise down to the local mall for the perfect shop for the perfect birthday or holiday gift, clothing item, household gadget, or good book. Now we only have to hop onto the internet and find any thing we want, and a whole lot we don’t. It’s all there for the on-line surfing.

I can still remember when hardly anyone shopped on-line. It was too new and not to be trusted. Now, with a few click-clicks here and a few click-clicks there and the release of some valuable personal financial information, you can have your heart’s desire delivered directly to your front door. I should know, my front door has been very busy lately.

But remember the days when we would go to the library or to our local bookstore to find our next great book to read? Or we’d get a book passed on to us by a trusted friend. Well, that brings me to today’s question. Since I’m an avid reader as well as an author, I’m really interested to hear: How do you find the books you want to read? It is on Goodreads, via Amazon recommendations, the latest and greatest internet sensation, what your friends are reading or have read and had now passed on to you? Where, oh where do you find the next good read? Or even more to the point – – –

What are you reading now and how did it come into your hot little hands?

I’ll begin by sharing my answer. I’m currently reading on my Kindle The Minstrel Boy by Laura Vosika, book two of The Blue Bells of Scotland series. I found it by reading the first book of the series and liking it enough to want to read the second. I found the first book through a recommendation I saw on the internet, but I can’t remember where or when, but it sounded interesting enough to give it a try. I think it may have been on sale on Kindle for .99 cents and that was enough reason to give it a try.

So, if you would be so kind, take a moment and let me know how you find the books you want to read. As a show of thanks, I’ll be giving away free copies of my first book, Return In Time, through a random selection from the comments section. I already appreciate your assistance and participation, so blessings and good wishes to you all.

Hope to hear from you all soon. And  Enjoy Always, T

7 thoughts on “In Search of a Good Book.

  1. hello and salaam, Can I do another translation of your book and another session for Farsi speaking folks, near my new house, in Danville! they would LOVE it as I would!


  2. I typically read reviews on line, then download a sample before I buy any books. Almost like browsing in a real library, without the great book smell. 🙂


    1. Without the great book smell…. I so agree. There’s something about walking into a book store or library that just fills my senses and imagination with all the possibilities. I also like the ability to sample books before buying. I sampled Fifty Shades of Gray and decided to pass even though everyone is hot for the book. The writing didn’t do it for me. But to each their own… if you know what I mean. Okay, better stop here. T


      1. hahahaha–I didn’t know what the damn book was about til I heard about it on the news!

        If only the books off kindle smelled like a library…


  3. I volunteer at a used book store so…drum roll…I have my eye out for anything on my list. Yes, I have a list. A l-o-n-g one. Also, I traipse to all the other used book stores when I’m hunting down a hot title. More fun that way too because even as each book gives you a story, I give it one too. Ta-da!


    1. Working in a used book store may just be my next big dream job. Although I’m worried that if I was surrounded by books, I’d never have any paycheck left. 🙂 I see you have the love of the hunt. I’m sure it makes it all that much more thrilling. and enjoyable, T


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