Inspiration, old or new.

I don’t really surf the net.  For me, it’s more like cruising, slowly. I can sit for two hours and accomplish what someone younger or just more tech savvy could do in twenty minutes.

Recently, I cruised upon an older blog site called;

The Great Women Series – Uncommon words of wisdom from bestselling authors, artists, athletes, scientists, survivors, healers and shining spirits.

Yes, it really, it said all that!

The last post was dated August 8, 2011. I spent a good deal of time reading over a number of the interviews posted on the site. I was also sad to see that the owner/author chose to end her series, it was really pretty good. She had some great insightful, interesting interviews with some awesome women.

But then, I thought, regardless of when these stories were posted, they still held value and had the power to inspire. How cool that they were there for me to cruise upon. How often do we cruise upon the latest page of a blog, give it a 30 second look-see and then keep on cruising? Lots, I bet. However. . .

Inspiration is timeless.

Many great writer and thinkers have come before us, each with their wisdom to share. And hopefully there will be many more to come.

And one of the really great things about the internet is the opportunity to stumble upon a few gems from time to time. I’ve learned so much from the many visitors who have stopped by my blog and in turn I have gone on to visit theirs. It’s a grand sharing experience.

I  just wanted to pass this along, because it inspired me. And sometimes all we need is a little inspiration, old or new.

Blessing to you, and Enjoy NOW, because if you can enjoy now, you can enjoy always, T

7 thoughts on “Inspiration, old or new.

  1. I have a hard enough time keeping up with the too many blogs I subscribe to. I know there are wonderful blogs out there that I would enjoy so much–but I have to take care of Scrappy and the laundry and … 😉


  2. What a wonderful blog. I shall keep it for times when I have a few minutes to peek at now and again. Like Lorna, before said, so many blogs but life doesn’t wait.

    Thanks for sharing, Tricia.


  3. In spite of being 55, I’m a big-time surfer. But I wear an turn-of-the-century bathing suit and fall off the board often. 😉


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