Guess Who, mystery writer.

Recently, while searching through the plethora of books I have stashed throughout my house, I came upon a most interesting collection of rather old, one could even say ancient, diaries. I received these benign looking leather bound tomes years ago, too many years to recall, from one of those sweet old, loosy-goosy grandmother types who hordes everything that comes her way, believing someday, someone will see their true value. Usually her so-called treasures were all just fairly useless stuff, but this time… Well, this time, I think we may just have something here.

The following is an excerpt from one of the diaries. See if you can guess who the writer is before the author is revealed – – in the comments section.

Thank God, I’ve been swept off my feet the Love of my Life. Now I’m living the charmed life. He wondered how I had endured for so long. I wondered that myself sometimes. But I was too young to be anything other than innocent. When my father told me had brought me a new mother to replace the one I had lost, I believed him. When I suddenly had not one, but two sisters – whereas before I had none – I looked forward to the joy of having new playmates. When my father died before I even had a chance to know my new family, I was grateful that I wasn’t alone. With all this hoping and believing and gratitude, it was a long time before I was able to pull the mask off the illusion I had created and see that I was the only one doing all the dirty work.

That’s what happened to me. I wanted to believe they were somehow better than they really were, and I did for many years. Until I just couldn’t take it anymore. When mother stepmother said I couldn’t go to the ball and my sisters could, well that was simply the last straw. And sometimes a girl just has to do what a girl has to do. Thank God for fairy God-Mothers, lord know that mean old stepmother of mine was of no use.

Now your turn. Tell me who the mystery writer is and win real brownie points. (Not the girl scout kind of brownie points, but actual brownies, like chocolate fudge brownies. Mmmm, yummy. Not sure what good they’ll do, other than make you think of fudge brownies, but always a nice win to have anyway!)

Enjoy always, T

11 thoughts on “Guess Who, mystery writer.

    1. Correct again, but sorry, a bit slow. Too bad, so sad :(. However, stay tuned. I plan to do more of these. The first few may be easy, but they will get harder. Hope you’re up for a challenge.
      Cheers, I’m feeling the love. T


    1. Correctamundo. Stay tuned and keep playing. You may be the next big winner of the ever famous brownie points. I’d give you real brownies, but as my son can attest, I don’t do baking. Cheers, T


  1. Cinderella. I really like the name and wanted to so name my daughter. Wound up with Cristina instead. Have you ever thought that whatever name a person has turns out to be just the perfect and fitting name? Unfortunately as my kids grew older and increasingly mischievous I had to change their names to Suspect #1 and Suspect #2.


    1. Rarely have I met someone really named Cinderella. Of course, that only makes it more interesting. Take care of your usual suspects. I’m sure they appreciate your humor. Cheers, T


    1. So the question is – are you late for the mystery writer or early for omance by the Letter P? Naaah, I don’t see pumpkins as romantic, but then again the opportunity to get lost together in a pumpkin patch might have some interesting possibilities. Enjoy always, T


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