Writing Fatigue vs Sofa Spud.

I haven’t been around much lately, at least not here in my blog-pod. I’ve been home on my sofa. (I am not a couch potato, I’m a sofa spud. Sofa spuds are smaller and tastier, but with room to grow.) 

I’ve had a bout of writing fatigue. Writing fatigue is real, it can happen to you, believe it or not. I know, you’re thinking, oh no, not me. I’m not going to let that happen to me, I’m stronger than that. I’m in this for the long haul. But then it hits you. It can start low and build slow or it can crash in on you like an elephant in a china shop, causing you to use mixed metaphors.

Writing fatigue is not the same as writer’s block. Writer’s block is when you can’t think of anything to say. Writing fatigue is when you can think of lots of stuff to say but you’re too tired to write it. I’ve been too tired to write it. So I didn’t. Kinda makes sense.

I’ve also been laying low and taking it easy as I await my next BIG jump forward. It’s that pause we take right before we make our leap off the end of that 12 foot high diving board for the first time. I’ve been working on getting my second book, Somewhere To Belong – the sequel to Return In Time, ready for publication. And I’m almost there… coming soon or just maybe breathing heavy, but definitely getting close.

Anyway, I wanted a break from my regular blog schedule of every Tuesday and Thursday, so I took it. After all, I work for myself and I don’t pay very well. It’s kind of like when we take a vacation to recharge our batteries and hope we’ll feel better when we return to our same old rewarding jobs. If we’re lucky and have a really good rest, we might even feel better, more rested, better able to tackle the daily tasks at hand, or even  a bit more tanned. (Not the tanned part, in my case, but just saying…)

I’ve still been visiting my blog friends from time-to-time to keep informed on what they have to say, I just haven’t been commenting as much – writing fatigue, remember. But now it’s time to get back to hitting those keys and clicking ‘publish’ before my blog grows cobwebs and I have to do spring cleaning. Hello little dust bunnies, I’ve got a nice little blog for you.

I hope you’re smiling and…. Enjoy always, T

8 thoughts on “Writing Fatigue vs Sofa Spud.

  1. I know this feeling, I was thinking about it Earlier this Week. Yesterday I had a productive Blog Day, but in Considering that I try and Keep Up 5 Blogs. I do not have that much to say everyday. So from now on I will only post on some of the Blogs One or Two Days a Week…Glad your Back….


    1. Five Blogs!! I could never keep it up. Twice a week on one is sometimes more than I can handle. But then again there is that Sofa Spud thing to deal with. T


  2. Thanks for the difference between writers’ block and writing fatigue. I seldom get the block but occasionally have to coerce myself to write a post. Once started, it rolls but that start is a killer.


    1. That’s what I told myself when I used to be a runner. Putting on the shoes was the hard part, after that it felt great. Thanks for stoping by and enjoy, T


  3. Glad to see you back and that you’re feeling more chipper. Timely post on fatigue and block. You probably saw there was talk of writer’s block.

    I’ve had an especially busy week trying out the different ‘challenges’ going on but I have to confess, it stops tomorrow. I’m frazzled from doing more than my usual (twice a week, which sometimes is too much). I just wanted to give it a shot.

    Happy Easter!


    1. Great minds think alike or fail as the case may be…. It was really rather strange to give myself permission to leave off for a while. And now I feel better, not so stressed to produce. Yeah. It’s fun again. Enjoy alway, T


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