I LEA the Spring Equinox.

Today is the first day of spring, the vernal equinox, when daylight and dark are in balance. What a glorious marking of time, to be in balance. Tipping from winter into spring. Breath deep, you can feel the freshness blowing through the air.

To mark this special time, I have another LEA list. LEA for anyone who may not know, means to Like, Enjoy, and Appreciate. I could say I love these things, but I’d like to reserve Love for the bigger things in life, like my two amazing children or my beau, who really is my Lover…

Anyway, allow me to present my Spring Equinox LEA List.

I LEA daffodils. I could almost say I love them; they’re so pretty and bright. They’re such a great color of yellow, so sunny and bright, just perfect for spring time. And such a blessing the way they make their appearance every year around this time. Yes, I LEA daffodils.

I LEA a good cup of fragrant tea, freshly brewed and served in a pretty tea cup. When I was growing up my Mother had a collection of pretty little tea cups that she passed on to me. I still like, enjoy and appreciate the idea of taking a moment to really enjoy a good cup of tea. With just a splash of cream, if you please.

I LEA the way it’s still light out when I leave work at the end of the day and when I get home (if I leave on time!) After spending months going home in the dark, it’s nice to see the green hills in the east glowing in the fading sunlight as the sun sets in the west.

I LEA other people’s blogs, especially the ones that make me laugh or even just put a smile on my face. Or even the ones that make me think a new thought. It’s all grand and I am grateful.

These are just a few thing I lea. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I love these things. Certainly not the way I love my stellar, beautiful, smart kids or my handsome and charming beau, so I believe lea is the more appropriate term to use here.

But most of all, I lea you, because you’re here. You’re here and you took the time to read my blog, so most of all, I lea you. Thanks for making my list. Enjoy always, T

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