V Day, It’s not just for lovers!

Today is Valentine’s Day. It’s the day we celebrate romance and relationships.

All relationships.

Come on folks, let’s be inclusive. Let’s not just celebrate romantic relationships, let’s celebrate all relationships.  Let’s celebrate our girl friends, our boy friends and those family members we actually like.  And while we’re at it we can throw in a few neighbors and some co-workers. These are all included in our relationships, they all have value, and they are all worthy of being celebrated.

All relationships provide the Alchemy of Intimacy. I know, for some it’s more than others, and that’s a good thing, but everyone in our lives brings us value. And, we in return, bring value to everyone we know. Yes, we (you) do.

Remember when you were in grade school and you pretty much had to give a Valentine to very one in your class? Good idea, right. No one was left out. Imagine being like that again. Imagine giving a special message of appreciation – one that says; You’re Special – to all your friends and family, not just your significant other.

Even if you don’t happen to have a love of your life  in your life at the moment – you can still show your love of life.   And Have Fun.

 Enjoy Always, T

12 thoughts on “V Day, It’s not just for lovers!

  1. I had a good one even though I’m solo. Nothing wrong with that. The whole family: daughter and her husband and their two little ones came down with hugs, cookies and a bottle of WINE. Hope your’s was just as lovely.


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