I lea this list.

In my local newspaper they used to run a regular column called: I love it… I hate it. (They may still run the column but I no longer get that paper so I don’t know.) I like the idea of doing an; I love it list. I do NOT want to do an; I hate it list. Why bother?  And I really like the idea of doing a LEA list, because while I may not love all the things that make my list I certainly lea (like, enjoy, appreciate) them. For those of you who may have missed it – this explains LEA.

Here is my fist LEA list of 2012. It may also be my last – who knows – but I do know it’s my first.

I lea my morning cup of coffee. Usually I drink it at work and usually not more than one cup. Unless I’m at a breakfast diner, like Denny’s or IHop, because their coffee cups are so small compared to my regular 20oz cup.

I lea pens that write soft and fine, like the one I used to write the draft for this blog. A pen that writes soft is one where I don’t have to press down hard to get the ink to flow. Flowing ink, like flowing words, is very important to me when I’m writing, as opposed to typing, and then the ink doesn’t matter because it’s not really there.

I lea lists that have more than two things listed because two things doesn’t really seem like a list at all; it just seems like a couple of things. But three things, well now we’re talking.

I lea other people’s funny blogs that make me laugh or even just put a smile on my face. I’m not a big fan of serious blogs, they tend to be too depressing. Kind of like I hate lists. I mean really, why bother. But hey, whatever works for you. (I don’t want to get on anyone’s hate list!)

I lea romance. Of course, that’s why I write about romance. I lea a good relationship and a happily ever after.

These are just a few thing I lea. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I love these things. Certainly not the way I love my stellar, beautiful, smart kids or my handsome and charming beau, so I believe lea is the more appropriate term to use here.

But most of all, I lea you, because you’re here. You’re here and you took the time to read my blog, so most of all, I lea you. Writers without readers are like that tree falling in the forest with no one around. The potentical for sound is there but no one’s listening – or in the case of a writer – reading.  Thanks for making my list.

Enjoy always, T

6 thoughts on “I lea this list.

  1. Sometime I get an idea and I’m not near a computer – so I have learned to just write it down or I’ll forget it. It’s the old fashioned way but it still works! And I do lea a good pen! Enjoy always, T


    1. Ah my friend, welcome to the Appreciation of a Good Pen Socieity. Your appreciation is duly noted and good gel pens are anxiously awaiting your fingers. Enjoy always, T


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