Are you looking good, or just good looking?

An old friend of mine used to say; “She’s not good looking, but she’s sure looking good.”

If I don’t look in the mirror I forget how old I am – and how old I look. Which is a good thing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bad looking, I’m just not good looking either, or at least not as good looking as I would like. I figure that holds true for most – maybe all of us. We all fret and worry over our looks. That’s why the fashion and cosmetics industry is so HUGH.

But on a day when I’m being nice to myself, and I’m having a good hair day (like today), I think I look grand.

However – that is not what this post is about, believe it or not.

It’s about looking for good and  feeling young, young at heart. It’s about how we feel and how we see, not how we look (at least not looking-glass look).

I’m reaching a time in my life when I have some good days and some not so good days and some that are so much better. But for the most part – most of the time – I’m a happy person. It is my preferred state of being. Kind of like being healthy. I like being healthy. I also like being happy. I’ve tried the alternatives and I’m sticking with healthy and happy.

It’s hard to feel healthy when you’re sick, really sick. Reality has a way of being….well, real. It’s also hard to feel happy when you’re not. But it is possible to know that;  

This too shall pass.

A few years ago, [yes K, I know it was more than a few years ago, but for now let’s stick with] a few years ago I had a “procedure’ that resulted in recovery time and a great deal of pain for a couple of days. My darling daughter came to my aid to help me as I wallowed in my pain progressed through recovery. At one point, as I’m curled up on the sofa, my stomach clenching with cramps, she said, “Don’t worry, Mom, this too shall pass.” It was grand.

Her simple words cheered my heart more than she might have known. Her optimistic outlook brightened my day and warmed my heart. Other body parts were still feeling the pain, but my heart was light and happy. And it had nothing to do with the pain meds.

She – of course – was right. The pain passed, the procedure was a success, and life soon was good again. Not that life had ever really been bad, not really, but now I was once again plugged into the neon light and could actually see the good.

Which brings me to my point…When we look for the good, we find the good. If you don’t believe me, look in the bible… Seek and ye shall find. Which really means, look for the good and ye shall find the good. Converstly, if ye seek the bad, ye shall find the bad, so it’s all a matter of where you’re looking. Me – I’d rather look for the good.

How about you? I’m hoping you’ll go out and have a good looking day.

Enjoy always, T

4 thoughts on “Are you looking good, or just good looking?

  1. Oh yes! You are so right. Whenever I pay attention to making sure I’m being positive, life goes along so much better. And when I get bugged about something and let myself slip into complaint mode, I can actually see the not-so-good results immediately. And I can relate when it comes to looking in the mirror and seeing that reflection! What the? I always think, “Gosh I’m an old looking 30 year old! Ha Ha! Enjoyed Tricia!


    1. Excuse me while I clean up the spit-out coffee from my desk.’old looking 30 year old’ MEL. In my head I’m about 18, maybe 21, but the face and body are in constant disagreement with my head. Guess who wins more often? Let me just say, back away from the mirror. Enjoy always, T


  2. There are foggy mirrors you can buy! I am thinking of replacing all of mine!

    Whenever my mother or I went through a surgery or something unpleasant (broken hearts, etc.), the other would say, “next year at this time we’ll laugh about this.” We always did.


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