The Romance of Hair.

Ahh, hair. Long flowing tress, silken strands, cute perky curls. Dark as midnight, rich as mahogany, golden as the sun, soft as silk,  How we romance writers love to describe hair, usually the hair of our heroes and heroines. The color, length and waviness are all very important.

On Sunday I watched the Golden Globe awards and of course hair styles were very much observed and commented on. What looked good and what didn’t. And let me tell you, I saw some hits and some noticeable misses. But I’m not here to give you my review of red carpet hairdos. I’m here thinking of my own. I know, how self-centered of me, but that’s the way it works.

We’re probably all familiar with the story of Samson and Dehlia. If you’re not – go google it or just pick up the old testament of the bible. Long story – short, the guy was a great, big, strong hero with long, thick, dark, wavy, hair. What more could a woman (or romance writer) want when looking for the perfect hero hairdo? But  nasty ole Dehlia had it out for goody boy Samson and as soon as she got her hooks on him she had his lovely locks cut short. Yep, off with his hair. And with his hair went all his power. . . along with his eyesight, but that’s too much to go into here. Years later, when his hair grew back, he also got his power back and eventually there was a happy ending. See how it all ties together.

Anyway, when I was in my twenties I had long blonde hair to the middle of my back. Men loved it. I loved it – until one day when I cut it all short. One miserable, “what-was-I-thinking” day. And it’s never been as long since. I have often missed my long golden locks. After that major surgery on my hair I have gone from shoulder length to pixy short and back and forth on a continuous hunt for the just right, or at least perfect hair style. It continues to elude me. Oh woe is me.

I ended the year with fairly short hair, or at least shorter than I like.  Now that I’m – shall we say – older, I figure I’m pass the time when I can get away with long flowing locks. Besides, my hair is now too thin to support the look. By the time it reaches past my shoulders it looks like wisps of lonely strands hanging limp and unmanageable. We like our hair to be managed.

But I’m not a fan of my now-short look either. I’m thinking 2012 is a good year to let it grow longer. Not long mind you, just longer. For the next few months it’ll be a work-in-progress as it goes through that unpleasant stage of ‘growing out’.  Like any new years resolution, I hope I can stick with this. But by February – well who knows. I may be back to looking like Mary Martin from Peter Pan fame. I certainly hope not.

Here’s to long lovely locks in 2012. Or at least a somewhat closer to perfect. Hell, I’ll settle for Goldilocks “just right” if I can ever find it. Now that’s a fairy tale if I ever hear one.

So how’s your hair hanging. Off the top of your head, tell me if you love it or hate it?

Enjoy always, T

8 thoughts on “The Romance of Hair.

  1. Haha. I can so relate.

    Long hair is for the young and misguided. I am extremely misguided and I keep trying to grow it. A little past my shoulders is all it will manage, and that’s really pushing it. But I love long hair. It makes me feel more feminine and beautiful. Even if it doesn’t make me look that way to other people, it’s how I feel that counts, right?


    1. Of course, it’s all about you and your beautiful, feminine hair. . . unless it’s all about me. 🙂 HAIR, I think they did a Broadway play about that once. The most important thing is to be happy with who we are and to Enjoy Always, T


  2. of course, it’s all about you and your beautiful, feminine hair. . . unless it’s all about me. 🙂 HAIR, I think they did a Broadway play about that once. The most important thing is to be happy with who we are and to Enjoy Always, T


  3. Omg! I am at the same place with all the same problems. Just had a shaping yesterday and my hair is in shock and not happy. Hope it ‘s better by the end of the week. I have concluded that after 50 there is no perfect hairstyle but I will continue to hope. On a side note, I though Jane Fonda’s “do” (Golden Globes) was lovely for someone who is 70ish.


    1. Hair shock, I can relate. I found it interesting that the day after I wrote my ‘hair’ blog, I had a Good Hair Day. Maybe it figured it was better to start working with me instead of against me. After all, it is MY head, last time I looked. If I avoid looking in mirrors, I forget how old I AM! Thanks for stopping by, Enjoy always, T


  4. My hair, at, ooh, now 55 is still long and curly. My husband loves it long. Years ago, I told him that I would have long hair or I would have gray hair. He has asked me to keep it long. But he HATES hair dye. Points out women who dye their hair to me all the time — “why do they do that?”

    I’ve been dieing my hair for five years and he still hasn’t caught on!


    1. MEL = made me laugh. A good dye job makes all the difference. I can only wish I had long curly hair….and be grateful that I have hair at all. Thanks for stoping by. Enjoy always, T


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