Here’s to your health and mine.

This is a bit late today and I wasn’t here on Tuesday. I was in bed, trying to sleep off a cold. It didn’t exactly work, but it helped. I needed the rest, and my body was in a mood to let me know who’s in charge when it comes to my physical well being when I’m not being good to myself. So it figured it would smack me up-side the head and fill it with yellow-green slimy stuff, and make my throat scratchy, and make me tired, and well I think you get the picture. Not pretty, I know, but we’ve all been there.

I can’t complain too loud or long. It’s been five or more years since I’ve been hit this hard with a cold. Yeah for me! Here’s to your health and mine!

Colds are little things that can cause chaos. I was on the phone earlier today talking to a customer, trying to tell them how we can provide ‘added value service’ and I was coughing up a storm. I could hardly carry on a conversation and wanted very much to postpone the conversation for another time, maybe ever another day. But I didn’t. The guy seemed interested in what I had to say so I coughed and sputtered my way through the sales pitch, hoping they would give me another chance to make good on my presentation. Nasty old cold. You lose big points for that.

I heard that it takes seven to eight days to get over a cold if you stay home and rest. But if you continue to work through a cold it can take a week or more to get over. So I’m doing both. Resting and working and I’m keeping track. This cold has a deadline. Only a few more days and it needs to pack up and move on. Hello, cold. I hope you’re listening.

Look at that I feel better already. Keep a smile on your face and some laughter in your soul. It’s some of the best medicine known to woman.

Enjoy always, T

2 thoughts on “Here’s to your health and mine.

  1. Hope you feel better soon! I’ve only had about 5 colds in my life but they were doozies. Is there such a thing as working while resting? Well, I’m glad your doing the research for us. I expect a full report. When you’re feeling better, that is!


  2. Dear Tricia, it is such an honor to be in BEING of such talented author Sunday after Sunday in my church. YOU inspire me to finally publish my first fiction, BLESS you and yours for WHO you are and how you matter to those around you.Hope to have dinner with you at our church social tonight(be sure to RSVP).thank you for returning my call.


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