Cheers, May you LEA the New Year, 2012.

Not a very original blog title. Happy New Year and welcome 2012. Bring it on. I’ve heard all about how this is going to be the BIG one. This will either be the year of doom and gloom or it’ll be one of great, glorious, amazing comic changes that will blow our minds. Whatever!

It’s only the first week of the year, so it’s a bit early to be worried about what may happen all the way in December. So I won’t. I’ve have other things on my mind, like taking down the Christmas decorations because this was the only weekend I was going to have until the end of January. And that’s just a little too long to watch the pine needles drop onto the carpet.

I was also thinking about the word ‘love’ and how much we use and perhaps abuse that word. I’m not talking about when we say I Love you to someone special. I don’t believe we can ever say that too often, unless you exceed 122 times in one day. That might qualify as excessive.

In this case I’m thinking of when I hear someone say something along the lines of “I love this wine,” or “I’d love to have pasta for dinner.” I’m thinking what they really mean is something closer to they would ‘like, enjoy and appreciate’ having pasta for dinner.Or maybe they ‘like, enjoy and appreciate’ the wine they’re getting drunk on  drinking. So in a desire to bring better understanding to our conversation, when we really ‘like, enjoy and/or appreciate’ something I’m suggesting we use the word ‘lea’. It’s kind of like LOL, laughing out loud, but unlike LOL, lea is actually a word that you can pronounce.

So, did you lea the holidays? I hope they were everything you hoped they would be. I’d really lea hearing about them.

Well, I’ll give it a try and see how it goes. A new year, a new word. Sounds good to me. Every new word had to start somewhere. Maybe lea can start here. How grand would that be? I would lea that!

Happy New Year and Enjoy always, T

3 thoughts on “Cheers, May you LEA the New Year, 2012.

  1. I lea this post! And how about if I really lea something, I could lea out loud. or lol for short . . . wait a minute . . . not I’m getting confused. 🙂


    1. I’m not sure I know how to lea out loud, but if it’s fun, I’m willing to try. And I always lea your blog. Nice to share a smile along the way. Hope you lea 2012.


  2. when are you coming over for some lunch in 2012, my dear sister in Unity. Love to show you new chapters of my book., Mike is LOVING my writings, bless him and our church for putting him in my PATH of serenity and un conditional


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