The end is near!

Remember those cartoons where some long hair hippie would be carrying a sign that read: The end is near.

Well now it is…. the end of 2011 that is. And the end of this holiday season.

I work in “The City” –  in San Francisco and I expect that soon the Christmas decorations will start coming down. For most places it’ll be as early as this weekend. So for the next two days I will walk through the city really appreciating all the wonderful lights before they are gone. I’ll miss all the fancies. The wreaths and trees that smelled so fresh and good a few short weeks ago. The bright lights and shinny blubs that sparkle so merry. The special holiday touches that seem to grace every shop window and office lobby. Yes, I’ll miss the fancies.

But before they go, before the work ladders go up and the lights come down, before we return to ‘normal’ – I’ll be grateful. I’ll be grateful that every year we break out the fancies to create the merry and bright. I’ll be grateful that for a few dear if perhaps short weeks each year we embrace the Spirit of Christmas. I’ll be grateful, that as a country we celebrate giving and receiving. (BTW, I’m Not talking about the buying of gifts.) I’m talking about the giving and receiving of love. That’s the true Spirit of Christmas.

I won’t be sad it’s over, I’ll be grateful that every year, it comes again.  And so, as we approach the new year of 2012;

May your days always be merry and bright and may your whole year be filled with light.

Happy New Year – celebrate, celebrate, dance to the music.

Enjoy always, T

5 thoughts on “The end is near!

  1. It’s so sad that this holiday season is coming to a quick end, but I can’t say I’m not excited for what the new year has to bring! I’ll be ending and beginning so many new things that will forever be dear to my heart in 2012, so I say bring it on!

    Love your spirit! Ciao for now! xoxo


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