Looking back, moving forward.

The holidays are a great time to celebrate all the love and support we have in our lives, not just now, but all year long. Personally, I think we’re fortunate to have this special holiday time where we actually look back at  the old year and forward to the new and celebrate all the good in our lives and the world.  I’ve received a lot of love and support this past year and had more than a few magical moments along the way.   I am blessed.

Life is a grand cause for celebration.  Holidays just naturally create an atmosphere for creative connections.

I think it is human nature to celebrate our holidays with good times, and that usually means a party, which can be anything from an over-the-top elaborate dinner to just meeting for coffee to chit-chat. Think of all the movies that have been made about romantic connections durning the holidays.

When you look back over 2011, what stands out for you? Any highs to celebrate or lows that you conqured, which is also cause to celebrate. Here are just a few of mine.

I got my first book, Return In Time, published. That has been a grand experience.

I went to Scotland for two weeks on vacation. That was a long time goal and I can check that off my bucket list.

My children are happy, healthy and well. I am so pleased that my daughter and son were able to take a trip to South America.

I belive that when we keep our eyes and our hearts open, life sends us the most delicious adventures. And sometimes, if we’re lucky and the stars are aligned, we meet that certain someone who makes our toes to curl. 

Aren’t we lucky that life gives us so many reasons to celebrate! It’s time to look forward but it’s also a good time to look back. Tell me some of your highlights from 2011. I hope it’s been grand and that you….

Enjoy always, T