Ho Ho Ho, Happy Holidays.

Ho, Ho, Ho, Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas season.

On Sunday I was finally able to put up some Christmas decorations. It took me four hours. Maybe I work slow.

I put up some lights, a few knick-knacks and at least nine nativity sets. I have purchased some of the nativity sets and some have been given to me. Regardless, I have more than enough and am putting an official cap on the collection, unless someone gives me another that I just can’t refuse. But other than that, no more.

I also have a collection of Santas. I didn’t set them all out. I don’t have enough table space for them all. Same goes for the collection of Christmas houses that I have. I don’t really have that many, they just take up a lot of space, too much space. I once knew a woman whose collection of Christmas villages took up her whole house at Christmas time. Every flat space of every room was covered with them and they often set up new tables to handle the additional load. She started setting them up before Thanksgiving. It looked great, like a magical wonderland instead of someone’s home, but I want my house to still look like my house even though we’re celebrating the holidays.

I have my Christmas stockings hung by the chimney with care, having rearranged them at least three times to get the look I wanted, and I’ve set out my Christmas candles.

I have NOT written any Christmas cards. And I don’t expect I will. To all my friends and family, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. May you have a grand New Year. (There, consider that done!!)

I still don’t have a tree. I’m waiting for my kids to come home and help with that task.

However, I have set out the three foot tall pre-decorated pink flamingo tree. That’s been up since Thanksgiving.  All I had to do was pull it out of storage and set it near my fireplace. That’s in place, but I won’t be putting any presents under it.  That reminds me, I need to set up the two foot tall pink flamingo neon light! What was I thinking? It’s not a holiday in my house without plenty of pink flamingos.

Oh, and Christmas shopping? I haven’t even begun. Hey kids, what gift card would you like this year? Keep it simple, right! I think that will be my New Year’s resolution and I’m starting early.

Keep smiling and Enjoy always, T

5 thoughts on “Ho Ho Ho, Happy Holidays.

  1. I want to see pictures!! Well, no wonder it took you four hours. What fun! A flamingo tree eh? I WANT ONE!

    I remember one time looking at a house to buy out in the country and there was a barn on the property but they didn’t have a horse. No, they used the entire barn to store their Christmas decorations. Maybe it was your Christmas village friend.

    I love decorating for Christmas. It’s fun to see how it will all turn out, even though I use the same decorations every year.

    You just gave me a good idea, I’m going to send out Christmas cards via my blog! Kill two birds with one stone (or should I say Flamingos). 🙂


    1. I’d love to post pictures of my pink flamingo tree, but they didn’t come out so good. Not one of my talents. I bought the tree already decorated at a school fund raiser. I kept it up for months until my kids finally convinced me that it looked out of place in the middle of summer!!
      I love your blog. Thanks for stopping by. See you soon…. Enjoy always, T


  2. Yayy!! You finally got your holiday kick, I have to say mine is slowly getting into gear! I love the idea of a Christmas village in the house, but only own two houses and I don’t want it to be overwhelming either!

    Christmas shopping is awesome, however I’m surprised you haven’t started! With my enormous family it’s always important to start early and now we’re in the process of delivery.

    Don’t worry T, you can NEVER have enough pink, I’m loving the flamingos!

    Ciao for now! xoxo


    1. Yeah, I’m finally getting in the Christmas spirit. My son and daughter were home for the weekend and we did a big family dinner on Saturday. On Sunday I took my son shopping for a new suit for work. He’s so handsome, if I do say so myself. He has to work on Christmas so this was our big celebration. Life is good. Enjoy always, T


      1. Awww I’m happy you got to spend Christmas with your kids T! I’m sure he is very handsome, even more so in his suit!

        Wishing you and your family all the best this holiday season! xoxo


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