Book buying habit.

I have lots of books.

I also have lots of clothes, shoes and coats (it gets cold in SF and rains a lot). I also have a lot of fabric, but that’s another post.

I have a ‘bad’ habit of buying books. More books than I can read in this lifetime, unless I stop buying any more books. What??? she cries, stop buying books? Oh my.

But then again…. I wonder. I really wonder if I stopped buying books (gasp) until I’ve read all the books I already own – I wonder how long that would take. Honestly, I have no idea, but I wonder.

On a good week I can usually finish at least one, sometimes two books. Sometimes I don’t finish any, life gets busy. But let’s say I can read between 50 and 60 books a year. Yes, I know there are people out there that can read 5 – 7 books a week, but I’m not one of them.

So, back to my 50 – 60 books a year. I think I could actually finish my ToBeRead (TBR) stash in about one to two years. Problem is, could I really stop buying books for one whole year? I’m sure I’d have withdrawals from B&N. I buy books like some women buy shoes or handbags. There’s always another that looks too good to pass up.

Maybe I should start small, nothing too grand, something doable, like no new books for one or two months. I could start with December since I haven’t bought any books (yet) this month and with the holidays I need all my spare cash for Christmas presents. And then in January I have to pay off my credit card bills from Christmas…. So maybe this would be a good time to start.

Okay, I’ll try.

But sometimes I ‘forget’ these types of resolutions and I slip and then I remember after I’ve walked out of the store with that bag full of books. But I will try.

I wonder if this includes or excludes books as gifts from friends and family??

What ‘bad buying habits’ do you have that fills your life and house with too much stuff?? Share, go a head and confess.

And Enjoy always, T

4 thoughts on “Book buying habit.

  1. I also have a HUGE stack of TBR books. I can’t stop buying xD But I have committed to read 25 books in my TBR pile next year by signing up for the Mount TBR challenge. There’s a post somewhere on my blog about it; I can’t recall the name of the challenge’s host right now. I figure it’s a good way to motivate myself to finally make some progress on all the books I’ve collected.


  2. Good luck to you on your challenge for 2012. I popped over to your blog and found the What’s in a Name challenge. I signed up and hope to complete the challenge using books that I already have in my stash. I may not be able to them all, but it will be fun trying.
    Enjoy always, T


  3. Oh I love buying books too. But I try to stay out of B&N or I’ll for sure blow my budget! I love this little thriftstore in my area that has some really good old books. I’m really into collect old cookbooks and old home decor books lately. I also been collecting books by the members of the Algonqin Round Table especially Robert Benchely for years. I used to find them at thrift stores but haven’t seen any for years.

    I don’t read that many new novels much anymore. I mostly reread the ones I love over and over again.

    This is going to sound weird but I also seem to buy a lot of throw rugs. Go Figure! I always have to check out the throw rugs everywhere I find them. HA! 🙂


    1. Throw Rugs! That’s a new one. Verrry Interesting…. I tend to collect pink flamingos, but I’ve had to stop… or at least slow down. My house was getting over run by Pink Flamingos. But I can’t think of a happier ‘thing’ to collect. Right now I have three (3) B&N gift cards just burning a hole in my wallet. What’s a reader to do??
      Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy always, T


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