Stories and Relationships.

Every story ever told is about relationships.

Maybe not about male/female romantic relationships but there is always some kind of relationship in every story. It may be a business relationship, friends,  parent/child, criminal/victim/detective, old man and the sea, and the list goes on and on. But there’s always a relationship, someone is relating to someone else (or something else, like a big whale), because that’s how we go through life; relating to the world around us.

I believe the best relationships are the honest and mutually beneficial relationship. The one’s that create Critical MASS, Mutual Acceptance & Support Systems. Without Mutual Acceptance & Support we have anarchy, dominance and overbearing control…. I think you get the idea that those are less than ideal relationships.

Mutual Acceptance and Support means; I Accept who you are and that you’re doing the best you can (given who you are) and I Support your efforts to be the best you can be. I have a note on my computer at work that reminds me “I’m doing the best I can, given who I am.” It helps when I’m tempted to think I’m not getting it all done.

If we look for the good, we’ll find the good, we’ll see the beauty and open ourselves to seeing more. Even our troubles, set-backs and disappointments are full of beauty. When seen from a distance we can see the lessons to be learned and the life to be lived.

Stories – and life – are all about relationships. So next time, if I ask you, how you doing? or Heard any good stories lately, be sure to tell me about your ‘latest relationship’, because inquiring minds want to know!

Enjoy always, T

5 thoughts on “Stories and Relationships.

  1. “Mutual Acceptance and Support” <– totally agree, it is what really creates the strong foundation among the closest people–you surround yourself with.


  2. I love your idea of stories being the framework of our lives. I feel that life is a story and each day and new experiences can count towards different chapters. The ups and downs we encounter only make for a better story and without them, we would lack the life lessons that allow us to better ourselves.

    I’m a rather new blogger and also write about relationships. Not only amongst lovers, but family and friendships as well. Check it out!


    1. I saw your blog and I love it. I would recommend anyone who stops by here to go take a look. Thanks for stopping by with your comments. Stories are about relationships and Relationships all have their stories. Not all of them are pretty but they’re all interesting.
      Enjoy always, T


  3. I agree T, and no matter how pretty or ugly those stories and/or relationship can get to be, at the end of the day they are all part of a learning process! We benefit from our downfalls and continue to rise with our happiness. Thanks for your recommendation T!



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