What’s Romantic?

I was with a group of women when I asked the question;

What’s romantic?

Some of the answers were to be expected, candlelight, roses or flowers in general, soft music, sunsets, dancing, walks on the beach. You know, the usual suspects.

But then the answers began to stretch beyond the usual and became much more interesting.

Sitting on the sofa watch a movie with the kids cuddled up between us.

Fixing dinner together.

Working on a house project together.

Traveling anywhere together.

I’m starting to see a theme here, it’s the together part. Doing stuff together can naturally be romantic.

Which led to…. Driving somewhere, anywhere… together.

Really, I asked, why driving together?

Answer: Because when we’re driving somewhere together, it’s just the two of us and we exist in our own little world where we can touch and talk about anything we want and we’re cocooned in our little world with the whole world whizzing by outside.

I have to agree, the way she described it, it sounded pretty romantic.

It made me stop to think about the most romantic scenes in my stories. I have a walking in the garden scene, a watching the sunset scene and an eating dinner by candlelight, all typical romantic scenes. But none of them compared to sitting side-by-side going down’s life highway… together.

Now isn’t that romantic?

Romance brought to you by the letter T – together.

Enjoy always, T

4 thoughts on “What’s Romantic?

  1. Romance is definitely being together. Driving somewhere is one of my favourite interactions with my boyfriend because you do have a space that’s just the two of you. Some of our most powerful conversations, I must say, have been in his car.

    The cliche idea of romance is something any woman considers to be romantic, but is that just an idea that we have planted in our minds, or do we really feel that way? For me, it’s the little things that mean the most. My boyfriend and I can go on the most elaborate date and at the end of the night, the thing that will have touched me the most will be him grabbing my hand and giving it a soft kiss, or brushing my hair from my face.

    Romance doesn’t need to be elaborate, I think it has to do with communication and emotions.



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