Let the holidays begin.

We’re just days away from the official starting gate of the holiday season. Some would say it’s already there.

This is a time when we often find there is too much to do and not enough time to do it all….. So I won’t – do it all. I’ll do what I can, what I feel really good about and let the rest go, knowing no one will really even know and even if they do – a year from now they won’t remember.  Hey, with the way my memory is going these days, a few months from now it’ll all be forgotten.

We rush and rush as if each action we take is so very important – and maybe they are – and maybe they’re not.

If I don’t put up all of my Christmas decorations will anyone really care? Probably not, it’s not like I’m going to win any home beautiful for the holidays.

If my presents are not perfectly wrapped will any one really care? Probably not, they’re only going to ripe that paper off as soon as possible anyway.

If I don’t make holiday cookies – opps – scratch that, I never make holiday cookies.

But I will do all the really important things. I will spend time with my kids and my loved ones.

I will listen when they talk, regardless of what they talk about, just because I care and want to hear everything they have to say. I learn so much more when I listen than when I talk.

I will say I love you to them often – because I do.

I will try to make holiday magic. Remember, Love, tis the strongest magic of them all.

I will take a break from posting on this blog twice a week. I will post when I can. I won’t feel the need to post every Tuesday and Thursday – so I don’t have to stress about writing it and you don’t have to worry about reading it. Kind of nice huh. A little break for us both.

And I’m going to Disney World. Really! Now how much fun is that.

So I’ll say it now, because I won’t be here on Thursday… Happy Thanksgiving. May your holiday celebration be a blessing for you and yours.

Enjoy always, T

2 thoughts on “Let the holidays begin.

    1. Ahhh, vacations, that time when we think we’re going to have so much time to do all the things we want/need to do – but we don’t!
      Do the best you can and enjoy it all….
      Enjoy always, T


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