Celebrating the number 11.

Today we celebrate the number 11. Which is 1+1, which is you and me.

Today we mark our passage of time with 11.11.11. Such a grand date we shall not see again for one hundred years.

As humans we like numbers. We like to play with numbers. We also like to ‘mark time’. We really like to mark time. Day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, we like the way numbers keep showing up in fun ways as we mark our time.

Last year, 10.10.10 was a notable day. This year it’s 11.11.11 and next year it’ll be 12.12.12. Next year will be the last time we will experience that type of number sequence for nearly one hundred years when we get back to 01.01.01. When I think about that, it’s pretty awesome. I’m looking forward to 11:11 on 11.11.11 (both am and pm). But it’ll only be a moment in time and then it too shall pass.

And just last night I saw a most glorious full moon. So much reason to celebrate.

Enjoy today…. Enjoy always, T

One thought on “Celebrating the number 11.

  1. salaam my dear sister-mentor in Unity Church, Happy 11-11-11. In my Yoga class today, the most skilled american mother-wife teacher of mine pretty much said what you are saying in this blog. One caviet,she also said, in the world of ancient Yogi’s this alignment of these numbers are in ONE signifies that the SOURCE within each of us MUST reach out to other ONES in order to make the spirit of God happy and PROUD of us in this day and age of high tech.ROCK ON to you both for making my day with your teachings, I am so blessed to be an Irani-American.LUV Y.


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