How did you meet?

How did you meet your significant other, your lover, your soulmate?

I often ask that question of the people I meet. I like hearing their stories and sometimes they’re pretty interesting. Often we hear it said that love finds us when we least expect it. Sometimes it’s when we just out enjoying life. I’ve always thought the best way to meet some one special and interesting was to do something special and interesting. In other words, take a risk.

I recently heard this story from a couple I met while dinning at a local restaurant. I’ll call the couple Betty and Frank (not their real names).

Frank was activity looking for the love of his life. He wanted to meet someone and he was willing to use an on-line dating service to do it. You know the kind that seek to match you with your soulmate, or at least someone with similar interests.

Betty was also looking for love. She went to the same internet site and signed up for an introductory account that let her use the service for a few days to try it out. After she created her on-line profile she got a few hits that “matched” her desires. One stood out above the rest…. Mr. Frank. She read his profile, was interested, but after exchanging only one email she closed her account. She wasn’t ready to pay for taking this risk.

End of story? No!

Betty’s sister asked her to go with her to a special holiday service at her church. Betty had heard of her sister’s church but she had never attended. When the holiday service was over Betty’s sister lingered to connect with some friends. Betty wandered to the back of the church to wait for her sister. She took a seat near the back door. A man was sitting a few seats away by himself. He was a nice looking man, but Betty, being only a visitor, felt safer sitting there in silence, acutely aware of the attractive man sitting nearby.

Soon Betty realized that ‘attractive man’ was also a visitor to the church and he was also waiting for his friend to be ready to leave. When said friend stepped away from ‘attractive man’ he turned to Betty and said “Hi, how you doing?” or some such highly original opening line. They began talking, exchanging stories on how they were both visitors, that neither of them actually attended this church and they were each waiting on their sister and friend.

Attractive man introduced himself as Frank. He mentioned where he lived and where he worked. Somehow all of this started to sound eerily familiar to Betty. She started to ask him more questions and soon she was able to confirm that Frank was Mr. Frank from the on-line dating service. The same Mr. Frank that had drawn her interest during her very short-lived trial period.

The laughed about how fate had a strange way of working to get them to meet even though Betty had quit the service. They exchanged email and phone numbers and, as they say, the rest just fell into place. Several months later they looked happy and in love.

Interesting…. Two souls made the briefest connection on-line and then they both attended a church they had never gone to before at the request of others and they ended up meeting, not because someone introduced them to each other, but because they sat near each other at the back of the church, waiting to leave. Sounds like fate to me.

Love works in mysterious and magical ways.

What’s your story??

Enjoy always, T

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