Get Serious.

When is it time to Get Serious?

How many dates or encounters are required before you know it’s time to get serious? Is once enough or a dozen?

And what does it mean when we say we want to get serious? To me it implies that this is IT. This is the relationship we want to focus our attention on.  This is the one we want to believe will take us to happily ever after.

But do we really need to get serious for a relationship to work?  Should a relationship be work? Shouldn’t it be fun and enjoyable? I’ve been in relationships that I had to work at –  but they didn’t work. If I’m in a relationship and I have to work at it – it must mean it’s not working. I’m no longer working on my relationships. Now, I’m having fun.

What about love at first sight? Is that a myth? Fact or Fiction?

I believe in love at first sight. I believe that sometimes you just know this is someone special. This one clicks. There are billions of people in the world, and we may have dozens of friends, but it’s rare when we meet that one special person who just feels right, the one who curls our toes from the moment we meet.

I’ve felt it, more than once in my life. And whenever I acted on that feeling it always proved to have wings. It didn’t necessary mean I had met my soulmate, my one and only, the love of my life, but at the time they were always Mr. Right, or rather Mr. Rightnow, as the case may be. From the first meeting we made a connection that went beyond casual friends, and they always made an impact on my life.

The following is an excerpt from my next book Somewhere To Belong, sequel to Return In Time:

“Okay, so tell me, do you think it’s possible to fall in love at first sight – or something close to that?”

Souyer cast a sideways glance at Daniel. “That’s one of the funny things about love. Usually, the best time to fall in love is at first sight.”

The old man’s answer surprised Daniel. “Really? You don’t think there’s some advantage in taking your time, getting to know a woman first to find out if she’s right for you?” He voiced his concerns even though he found Souyer’s comment curiously reassuring.

“Aye, and isn’t the only reason you’d be taking that time is because she appealed to you from the moment you met? Oh, it may take some time before the realization settles in completely and makes its self-known, but from my observations, as well as my own experience, either it’s there or it’s not. Wishful thinking will no make it happen – nor make it go away.”

Daniel could see the logic of the druid’s advice. Even a long, drawn out romance was likely to start with the all-important first impression. Either the spark was there, or it wasn’t. Still, he worried that his attraction to Kayla could just be a heavy dose of lust at first sight, infatuation, or even a simple case of wanting what he couldn’t have.  The allure of the taboo was too strong not to be considered.

He thought about the moment he had first laid eyes on her as she was bending over him along the river road, backlit by the sun. He’d known even then that he felt an uncommon connection between them. A feeling of recognition stirred somewhere deep in his soul, as if he was aware he was meeting someone special. He had called her an angel.

Relationships do that to us. They transform us. They create the Alchemy of Intimacy.

Enjoy always, T

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