Relationship Motivation.

Relationship burn-out can happen, and often does faster than we anticipate. We often lose sight of our initial attraction and the things that brought us together in the first place. Life together becomes bland and, well, normal. It’s just human nature. We like the highs, but they’re hard to maintain.

Results inspire our actions. We’re motivated at the beginning of a relationship to get the results we want, to get the man or woman of our dreams, or a close approximation. We work hard to create that all important connection, the One that will see us through to happily ever after. Wow, great fun, and lots of motivation.

We start a romance really motivated and super excited. How can we not be? We’re on a quest for romance, love and hopefully great s*x. We’re thrilled by the whole newness of the experience. Our expectations are sky high and the forecast looks good. Clear sailing.

So how do we keep the motivation going after ‘normal’ sets in?

Sooner than you know, it’s six months or a year or two down the road and things start to feel stale. You’ve landed your big prize and you’re no longer motivated to be your best self. Now what?

Relationship success happens when you learn to go with the flow while still flexing your ‘love muscle’, Romance.

If you want to learn a skill, you practice. And you keep practicing so you don’t become rusty. If you want to be a successful musician, you practice. Even when you get the ten year contract to play on national TV, you practice. If you stop, and let time go by, you’d get rusty, out of shape, and have to work hard to get your groove back.

Actions inspire results. Keep your romance muscle in shape. Don’t let it sag.

One of my daily practices is to always greet my beau when he comes home. I mean really greet him. I stop what I’m doing and take the minute or two to really acknowledge his presence and show my appreciation that he’s there. And you know what? He does the same for me. I can tell you it feels darn good to be acknowledged and appreciated.

So, what are some of the ways you practice romance? What keeps your relationship-motivation going? You knew I was going to ask. I bet there’s some interesting ideas out there. Are you willing to share?

Enjoy always, T