Celebrate good times.

Celebrate good times, come on.

Just a little reminder: this Saturday, August 13th, is the book launch party for Return In Time. If you’re interested, please check out my NEWS page for more details.

Saturday’s party will be a celebration of all the love and support I’ve received along my journey, which is far from over. And I’m not just talking about my writing journey, (although that’s been grand) I’m talking about my whole life.

Life is a grand cause for celebration.

I think it’s human nature to want to celebrate our good times, like weddings, babies, promotions and anniversaries. That usually means a party, which can be anything from an over-the-top elaborate wedding to just meeting for drinks or dinner after work. Think of all the romantic connections that have been made at parties, especially weddings.

Parties just naturally create an atmosphere for creative connections.

How many times have we heard someone say they met at a party, and well, it just clicked from there?  Being at a party puts us in the mood to have a good time and gives us a reason to open up to meeting new people. After all, that’s one of the reasons why we go to parties, to meet people, old friends and new.

When we keep our eyes and our hearts open, life sends us the most delicious adventures. And sometimes, if we’re lucky and the stars are aligned, we meet that certain someone who makes our toes curl.

Aren’t we lucky that life gives us so many reasons to party?

By the way, there’s a full moon Saturday night – and we’ll be dancing in the moonlight. Now isn’t that romantic?

Let the Alchemy of Intimacy begin.

Enjoy always, T

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  1. Great news. Hope you had a great time. I wish you all the best, always. I agree, I’m always up for a good party.


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