Taking Risks v2

The greatest risk is to take no risk at all.

I believe we can all come up with times in our lives when this has proven to be true. I’d love to hear yours. I have one that sits high on my list. Let me share it with you.

A couple of years ago, my daughter and I were taking a two week vacation in Italy and Greece. We started out by flying to the Philadelphia where we would catch  a connecting flight to Rome. Due to lighting storms on the east coast our flight from San Francisco was delayed and we missed our connection. It was about 3:00 in the morning when we finally landed in Philadelphia, which made it 6:00 am from where we started. Time changes are all very confusing.

The airline (which I shall not name) was very UNHELPFUL in getting us a new flight to Rome. If it was up to them, we would have been stranded in Philadelphia for at least three days, and possibly longer, as the only thing they could  offer us was stand-by status on a flight already overbooked by seven passengers leaving later that week. That meant that nine people had to suddenly decide to forgo their trip to Rome if we had any hopes of making that flight. Oh, and by the way, no hotel was offered while we were stranded. Gotta love that.

I’m really going to make a wonderfully long story short by jumping to the chase. With dogged determination and persistence I was able to secure a flight on another airline, flying out of New York for later that same day. All I had to do was get us there by our own means, which included a tram ride into Philadelphia, a train ride into New York and a taxi ride to the airport. And I only had about $20.00 US in my wallet, along with lots of euros. Thank God for plastic.

Well, I did what had to be done. I got us to New York  only 40 minutes before the plane was scheduled to take off. We got on that plane and net result, we only lost one day of vacation in Rome, but we gained one hell of an amazing-race type of adventure getting there. Memories, priceless. And thank the travel gods for travel insurance.

Instead of having an experience that could have been judged as really bad, it all turned out alright. Because I was willing to take risks, I have some of my most cherished memories of traveling with my teenage daughter. She was a real trooper through it all.

So what does this have to do with Romance. I believe that finding romance and having a really great relationship is the greatest risk of all. We may find ourselves detoured along the way, but if we keep going we will find our rainbows end. And the memories from along the way are priceless.

Now it’s your turn to share.

Enjoy always, T

6 thoughts on “Taking Risks v2

  1. Great story! I’ve traveled a lot and I can’t imagine the leap of faith it would take to trek to a different airport with the hopes of making it on time. . . .

    I tend to take risks, but always with the internal confidence that it’s the right decision at the right time–that ‘knowing’ feeling. So, I wonder if that qualifies as a risk? For example, I took a year leave of absence from work. Quite a risk professionally, definitely a risk financially. However, for a myriad of reasons, I knew I had to do it and I trusted that knowledge.

    The year has been wonderfully different than what I expected and it’s probably the best risk I’ve taken in a long, long time. The pay-off was a new, expanded set of inspirational friends, a readjustment of how I experience work, and the space for continued work on self.


    1. Karysa Fairea, Whether it’s running to a different airport in hopes of catching a plane or taking off to really create the time a space for new life and career goals, taking risks offer an opportunity for huge growth and wonderful experiences. Keep taking risks, keep reaping the benefits.


  2. Life is all about taking risks. Taking risks makes life more fun. You never know what curveball, or detour, is going to be thrown at you next. It’s not about knowing what is going to come next, but about how you handle the unexpected. And it’s the same with romance. you never know where what is next in romance but that is what makes it exciting.


    1. Alex, Ah, yes, the risk of the unknown. What grand and glorious wonders await us as we take the curve-ball or the detour and boldly go where life takes us. Remember, we’re stronger than we know. And isn’t life grand? Enjoy always.


  3. Over eleven years ago I left a comfy job and my friends and family to move half way across the country to be closer to my then possible future husband. I knew he was the one and I didn’t want to let the opportunity pass by because I was afraid to take the risk. It was the best descision of my life 🙂


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