Timeless Romance with a touch of Magic.

Magical, Spiritual Romance

Hello and welcome.

My books celebrate the mystical and magical power of love, romance and relationships. The stories touch upon subjects such as reincarnation, soul-mates from past lives, and how our lives are filled with unexpected opportunities for second chances, told within heartfelt novels of love and romance. My desire is to entertain, uplift, and engage your heart and soul.

I believe as spiritual beings, we’ve been here before and we’ll be here again. What happens along the way is all part of a grand and glorious adventure, and that there can never be too much love or romance in the world.

I invite you to come and explore my magical stories of  grand possibilities.

Enjoy Always – – – It’s the experience that counts.

“Love, tis the strongest magic of them all.”

Rory MacNicol, A Time To Return              

  Enjoy Always, T